Illegal Immigration, DACA, and other such stuff.  These are some of the issues I will write about.  So, just to get this started, I will blurt out some of my feelings below.  Feel free to respond.  Come at me with the DemocRat party line like an asshole, and I will respond in kind.  If you have any facts, please link them.  If it is BS party line written by George Soros and his buddies who own the mainstream media, then I will call bullshit.

Probably most interesting, it that I listen to lots of books.  I mean lots of books.  Mostly books that are about international intrigue.  Spys, terrorists, and plots to overthrow our government or thwart that effort with the great skill of the likes of such hero’s as Mitch Rapp,  John Wells, Oliver Stone and David Baldacci’s “Camel Club” Alex Berenson’s Shadow Patrol, Mark Greaney’s Grey Man series.  Daniel Silva, Brad Thor, and Ben Coes Dewey Andreas series to name a few.  What is funny about it all is that the stories that plague the national scene with the “fake” news and the Democrats versus the Republicans and how they will fight each other seemingly to the death never changes.  It is really quite unsettling to be reading a book written in 1983, 2000, or 2017 and see the same internal infighting taking place the same then as it is now.   Nothing has changed.  Nothing but Donald Trump.

Trump is a bit over his head, but his heart is in the right place.  He is doing things that no politician has done before.  But someone please help him understand the concept of Due Process, which the DemocRats don’t understand either.  As someone who wants strict constitutionalists on the Supreme Court,  he cannot say, just go get their guns and we will do the “due process” thing later.  After listening to the press it seems that he figured this out about a minute after the meeting he held stating that comment.  The main cornerstone in our Republic is that you are considered innocent until proven guilty.  Our government is forbidden to simply go in and get your guns and then force you to prove why you are allowed to have them.  There needs to be a reason for the government to do this.  They have to prove to a judge that there is a great chance that you have broken the law before he/she will allow the police or the government to go in and arrest you.  Remember the saying, ” It’s better that 10 men go free than one man be imprisoned who is innocent”?

DACA is a vote grab. Period.  Illegal immigration is a vote grab. Period.  How the DemocRats think they can sway those immigrants to vote for them is obvious.  Free, free, free.

I get so pissed off when I hear about Social Security being an entitlement I want to fly to Washington and slap someone.  The Democrat party voted to borrow money from the Social Security fund.  A fund we Americans paid in to for all of our lives.  Now illegal immigrants are being paid more money from the fund each month; in some cases, I have heard of, that is DOUBLE what I get in retirement from the fund that I paid into all my life.  Why is this simply accepted by everyone?